Friday, September 4, 2015

Chiller Stainless steel water bottel

You know I drink a ton of water. It is so important for your health. I am always looking for new ways to make getting in my daily water easier. I like my water ice cold, but living in Arizona that is not always easy. With his new ChillWarmer water bottle my water stays cold for hours. Here is what the makers of the ChillWarmer have to say about it

Battle kids tummy troubles with probiotics

Chris has battled tummy problems from when he started eating sold food. His doctor had suggested he take a probiotic. Now that his is older we were having a fight to get him to take it because of the flavor. So I was excited to try Zahlers Kidophilus, What I liked about this was that it had a sweet flavor but is only sweetened with natural sweeteners. After a week on this Chris' tummy was doing better then on his other probiotic. He was happy to drink it because of the sweet fruit punch flavor.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Talk about a Steal! And a great sale Sep 4-7th!

As a mom we are always looking for good deals. Any way to save money is a good one. I have seen so many things that I would love to get on line but it is a little more then what I want to pay. I needed to find a place that really has some good steals. I am all about finding the best deal out there. Lets start with my new toy I got and I am in love with: Splash shower tunes speaker. I love to sing in the shower. You do to right? But I hate having to try and play my phone, most of the time I can not hear it very well. So I really wanted something I could put into the shower and listen to music. But most of the time they are $40 or up! Well not this little beauty I have here.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Need a good pair of sunglasses with or without Rx review and coupon

I love sunglasses, but I never seam to be able to keep them. With three boys (and I count my husband in this number) always moving things, I can never find mine. And I hate having to spend more then $15-$20 on sunglasses. Because they get lost all the time. I had mixed feeling about my sunglasses from Glasses Shop. When I first put them on it did not feel much like Sun glasses. While it did shade the sun from my eyes there was something about them that I could not put my fingers on. But I still used them every day. Then one day it hit me. Not only is it shading the sun but it feels like it is adding extra colors to things. Meaning that the sky looked bluer... I don't really know how to enplane it but I LOVED it!

Arabella's 100% Natural Boar Bristle Hair Brush Vlog review

This is a short review because it is a vlog review. Make sure you watch my video review. I am not sure how I feel about Arabella's 100% Natural Boar Bristle Hair Brush. While I have heard from a friend who happens to be a hair stylist that it is one of the best brushes, it leaves my hair frizzy. So I have not really used it much.

Giveaway entry for Lego Molds

Silicone Lego block and figure molds. Giveaway

Have you seen the video on Facebook on how to make your own Lego gummy candies?
I did and had to try it. It was simple to make and a fun snack. With these Silicone modes from MerchantSmile you can make them yourself. 

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